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Name Last update Score Registered Description
hydroflow 1.2.1, 2 hours ago 0.62019-Jan-30D Library for Hydraulics Engineering.
sumtype 0.8.1, 21 hours ago 3.62018-Apr-05A sum type with pattern matching
excel-d 0.3.13, a day ago 1.92017-Mar-20Excel bindings for D
fixedsizearray 1.2.0, a day ago 0.62016-Oct-06A fixed size array implementation
boilerplate 1.3.19, a day ago 2.12018-Oct-10D boilerplate code generator
riverd-xxf86vm 1.0.0, a day ago 0.42019-Feb-20Dynamic and static D bindings for X11 XFree86 video mode extension library
riverd-xcursor 1.0.0, a day ago 0.42019-Feb-20Dynamic and static D bindings for X cursor management library
riverd-x11 0.1.1, a day ago 0.42019-Feb-18Dynamic and static D bindings for X11 protocol client library
mir-runtime 0.0.21, 2 days ago 1.92018-Oct-20Dlang @nogc runtime infrastructure for simple, slim, and fast code.
kwargs 0.0.2, 2 days ago 0.52019-Feb-11Strongly typed keyword arguments
mambo 0.0.8, 2 days ago 0.92014-Jan-21A utility library for the D programming language
dpp 0.0.11, 2 days ago 3.02018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
faked 0.1.0, 2 days ago 0.72019-Feb-19D library to create fake data
hunt-markdown 1.0.0, 2 days ago 0.92019-Feb-19A markdown parsing and rendering library for D programming language.
antlr-d 1.4.1, 2 days ago 1.72018-Jun-27ANTLR4 runtime library
firecracker_d 0.0.11, 2 days ago 0.42019-Jan-18An API client for Amazon's Firecracker microVM application.
vibe-d 0.8.5-beta.1, 2 days ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
libdominator 1.1.7, 2 days ago 1.22016-Jun-29A HTML Parser Library
erupted 2.0.22+v1.1.100, 3 days ago 2.02016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
dplug 8.2.12, 3 days ago 2.72013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.

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