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Name Last update Score Registered Description
units-d 0.1.0, 3 years ago 1.32016-Apr-10Units and Quantities of Measurement library for D.
es6-grammar 0.9.3, 3 years ago 1.32015-Nov-10ECMAScript 6 + JSX PEGGED Grammar
dlogg 0.4.1, 2 years ago 1.32014-Apr-06Logging utilities that aimed to be used in highly loaded applications
dextool 1.2.1, 4 months ago 1.32016-Sep-12C/C++ tooling for testing and visualisation
dvm 0.4.5, 3 months ago 1.32015-Sep-13A tool for installing and managing D compilers
bindbc-glfw 0.2.1, 2 months ago 1.32018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
http-parser ~master, a year ago 1.32014-Feb-24joyent/http-parser bindings in D
pbkdf2 0.1.3, 8 months ago 1.32016-Apr-03PBKDF2 implementation for D
scrypt-d 0.1.1, 6 years ago 1.32013-Feb-28A D library for using the scrypt encryption function
plain 0.1.8, 9 months ago 1.32015-Aug-13Convert HTML to plain text
dmagick 0.2.2, 9 months ago 1.32017-May-25An ImageMagick binding for the D Programming Language.
sizefmt 0.3.1, 4 years ago 1.32014-Oct-26A small library to format file sizes.
objective-gl 0.0.2, 3 years ago 1.32016-Apr-23High-level & thin OpenGL Wrapper/Helper.
haystacklib 0.9.3, 23 days ago 1.32017-Feb-27D implementation of
vibe-dav 0.4.8, 3 years ago 1.32015-Feb-15Dav support for vibe.d
dco 0.1.2, 4 years ago 1.32014-Nov-05dco is a build tool, it can be built by DUB and Visual Studio .NET(such as VS 2010).
nanomsg 0.1.1, 3 years ago 1.32016-Feb-27Deimos bindings for the nanomsg library
easing 2.2.3, 2 years ago 1.32016-Jun-07A library that add flavor to motion in D programming language.
heaploop ~master, 5 years ago 1.32014-Feb-24Platform for D
vibrato 0.1.4, 4 years ago 1.32015-Apr-19Fast client for vibe.d with local aggregation

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