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Name Last update Score Registered Description
jin-go 1.0.5, 2 years ago 2.02016-Mar-27Thread-pooled coroutines with lock-free staticaly typed communication channels
mir-core 0.0.9, a month ago 2.02018-Oct-06Base software building blocks and conventions
ctpg 3.0.2, 3 years ago 2.02013-Sep-09Compile Time Parser Generator
asdf 0.2.2, 8 months ago 2.02016-May-02Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use JSON Serialization Library with optional SSE4 Optimization.
skadi-d 0.0.3, 3 years ago 2.02015-Sep-03Skadi.d MVC Web Framework D language.
aurora-directx 12.1.1+10.0.17763.0, 2 months ago 2.02018-Apr-16DirectX Interfaces for Aurora
cerealed 0.6.10, 2 months ago 2.02013-Nov-14Binary serialisation library for D
fearless 0.0.1, 3 months ago 2.02018-Sep-18Safe concurrency for D
kafka-d 0.0.5, 4 months ago 2.02016-Apr-09Native driver for Apache Kafka
sqlite-d 0.1.7, a year ago 2.02016-Sep-26A native SQLite Database reader
hprose-d 1.2.3, 2 years ago 2.02015-Feb-08Hprose for D.
derelict-lua 2.0.0-beta.2, a year ago 2.02013-Dec-08A dynamic binding to the Lua scripting language library.
nes 0.2.0, 2 months ago 2.02018-Feb-02NES emulator library written in D
pack-d 1.0.1, 2 years ago 1.92014-Mar-09Binary I/O helper
pry 0.3.2, a year ago 1.92016-Dec-14Pry - practical parser combinators library for D
erupted 2.0.15+v1.1.91, a month ago 1.92016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
tinyendian 0.2.0, 6 months ago 1.92014-Aug-06Lightweight endianness handling library
mir-runtime 0.0.12, a month ago 1.92018-Oct-20Dlang @nogc runtime infrastructure for simple, slim, and fast code.
gccjitd 0.1.0, 3 years ago 1.92015-Jan-21D bindings for
fluent-logger 0.1.2, 3 years ago 1.92014-Aug-18A structured logger for Fluentd.

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